News Reports Are Making You Sick

June 8, 2018

© Gennady Kurinov Dreamstime

Scrolling through the news can be disheartening and for the majority of Americans, it is literally making you sick. 68% of people in the U.S. feel overwhelmed and worn out by the sheer amount of news that is available now, compared to three out of 10 who like the quantity of headlines they're getting. The poll found that people who follow the news less closely experience more news fatigue than those who avidly follow it. The constant barrage of negative headlines can have a physical impact. When you read about natural disasters and school shooting, political unrest and other crises, it can take a toll on your health as our bodies naturally get stressed out when learning of a traumatic event. When we experience this stress over and over, the result can be poor sleep, anxiety and depression, headaches, muscle tension and stomach problems, as well as many other harmful symptoms. Experts suggests setting a limit on how much you look at the news or go online to check headlines. While it is important you stay informed, realize there is a limit on how much news you can absorb before you start to become stressed out.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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