New Warning For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners

October 11, 2016

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is recommending all owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should power it down and not use it until further review of overheating and exploding battery claims are investigated.  Since its release in August, the popular phone has been plagued with reports of batteries overheating and many exploding, causing Samsung to offer a swap and replacement program.  Now even the replacement phones are catching fire.  Samsung has halted production and most retailers have stopped selling them but that doesn't cover the hundreds of thousands still in the hands of consumers. Even though this version of the device hasn’t officially been recalled, all four of the major wireless providers are allowing owners of the Note 7 to return their phones and exchange for a different device. Of course you could wait for the phones design to be modified to prevent overheating and exploding but using them is being discouraged.

SOURCE: US Consumer Product Safety Commission

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