New Treatment Encourages Your Own Body To Fill In Tooth Cavities

January 10, 2017

© Nejron | Dreamstime

The days of going to the dentist to get a cavity drilled and filled may be numbered thanks to a new treatment that encourages the pulp in a tooth to make cells to fill and eliminate small cavities with you own dentine.  It has been known for some time that your teeth can regenerate to fill in holes in your teeth but larger ones are too massive for your body to do it alone.  Now a group of researchers say that a new drug called Tideglusib aided the process so that your own dental pulp could produce enough dentine to repair holes up to .13mm without the need of man-made materials. The treatment on mice included sticking in a biodegradable sponge soaked in the drug into the cavity with a protective coating over the top. As the sponge brakes down it was replaced by dentine, healing the tooth.  This new treatment could be available in the next two to three years.


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