New Study Says Contact Lens Wearers Should Stop Using Them After 10 Years

April 4, 2017

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More than 30 million Americans wear contact lenses to correct their vision.  With such a large amount of people wearing contacts, there are many who do not follow the recommended regime on care laid out by their doctors.  That is why the findings on a new study say that contact wearers generally have ten years of use before the risks of infection and damage to your eye outweighs the benefits.  The study by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis found that contact lens wearers are six times more likely to have an eye infection that could be severe enough to leave you blind.  They also discovered that instances of infection on the cornea were higher with extended-wear lenses, as opposed to daily wear ones. The scientist of the study say those who opt for corrective surgery can radically reduce the risk. That is a change from the traditional thinking that contact lenses are safer than surgeries such as LASIK. For those not wanting surgery and prefer contact lenses should practice proper hygiene in cleaning or disposing them as directed as well as to remove them from your eye as recommended.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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