New Mustangs Get An Exhaust Mute Button

August 2, 2017

© Johann68 | Dreamstime

Muscle cars are fast, sexy and loud!  It’s part of the appeal and one of the reasons Ford's Mustang GT purposely have louder exhaust systems than others in the line.  However that rumble adored by muscle car enthusiasts isn't appreciated by many in the neighborhood, especially late at night or early in the morning.  It's why Ford has created a mute button for all of its Mustangs.  Since cars are made with more computers than ever, the flip of a switch and the sound of the exhaust is cut in half.  IT can even be pre-programmed to be active during certain hours; times your neighbors will appreciate.  Ford Mustangs have long since had a “sport exhaust” mode to make them extra loud; this is basically the flip side of the coin. The feature is available in all 2018 Mustang GT models.


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