New Law Aimed To Keep Kids From Abusing Cough Syrup

January 3, 2017

© Heidi Schneider | Dreamstime

With the New Year upon us, three new Florida laws took effect this week with the most noticeable one involving over-the-counter cough medicines. The so-called cough syrup bill prohibits the sale of dextromethorphan, or DXM for short, to anyone 18 or under and requires ID to purchase for anyone who looks 25 or younger.  The ingredient is found in many common cough syrups, including NyQuil and Robitussin that, taken in excess, can cause hallucinations in what is called Robo-tripping or skittling. The other laws make it easier for patients to receive medical insurance authorization for opioid medications that are designed to deter addiction and a law that involves where summonses and subpoenas can be delivered. The 2017 Florida Legislative Session kicks off in March. Two bills already being floated take aim at texting and driving. One seeks to make texting behind the wheel a primary offense. The other targets underage drivers who text.

SOURCE: St. Pete Patch

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