New Jersey Bans Out-Of-Town Drivers

December 29, 2017


There isn't much that compares to traffic and for cities like Gainesville and Ocala that are on a major freeway to metropolitan areas you might be able to relate to the town of Leonia, New Jersey. Its northern border is the last stages of the New Jersey Turnpike before crossing into New York City. it find itself as a cut-through for people wanting to cross the George Washington Bridge and has been plagued with congested surface street traffic. So the city passed an ordinance outlawing out-of-town drivers in morning and evening rush hours.  Out-of-towners caught driving their cars in Leonia between 6 and 10am and 4 and 9pm will face a $200 fine! The city has issued bright yellow tags to residents to identify them on some 60 streets in which the ordinance covers. Mayor Judah Zeigler said the ordinance has been "thoroughly" researched and the town has "no doubt the ordinances we passed are legal and would withstand any potential legal challenge." However even the police chief acknowledges it will be a daunting task as the town of 9100 residents has only 18 police officers.

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