New House Design Physically Splits In Two In The Event of a Divorce

July 27, 2016

It's a reality that nearly half of all marriage end in divorce, which has led to many couples creating prenuptial agreements before saying "I do."  However divorces are generally messy and splitting up marital property can be a headache, especially if both parties want to keep the house.  It's the inspiration for OBA studios creating the prenuptial house.  In the event of a divorce, the home physically separates in half, giving each party a piece of their home.  In development stages, the blueprints of this floating home describe the home as consisting of two independent prefabricated structures, which appear to be fused as one, that are easily split in two once the couple decides to pull the plug. The key is to make the home one in the first place.  Carbon fiber walls can easily be configured to adjust to make one home into two.  Of course the home is not on dry land, the houseboat design is still in the concept design face, but the team hopes to open up orders early next year.

OBA-prenuptial House Plans

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