New Hospital Gowns Get Less Drafty

January 8, 2018

© Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime

Progress as we move deeper inside the 21st century and finally someone has come up with a better hospital gown! The days of back-tying gowns that cause embarrassing backside exposure will soon be a thing of the past as the medial apparel company, Care + Wear partners with the students from Parsons School of Design to create a hospital kimono-style hospital gown that opens in the front, a shielding pleat in the back and allows for partial exposure through the use of ties and snaps. It is made out of a cotton and polyester blend that can stand up to multiple rounds of laundering and will give clinicians easy access but also allow for modesty.  Designers have been working for years to come up with a better hospital gown that gives patients back their sense of personhood and of their privacy. The designers have worked closely with healthcare professionals in creating a new gown that replaces five different types used for different procedures and care.  The new hospital gown design is being tested in hospitals across the country and if all works well for about the same costs as the traditional gowns.

SOURCE: New York Times

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