New Google Notifications Alert You Of Bad Allergy Days

August 18, 2017


Watery eyes, itchy ears and a nose that won't stop running!  Allergies can make you feel miserable and in many instances, you just don't know what day you will have to battle them.  However it’s a new day and there's a new weapon at your disposal.  Google has launched a great new feature that alerts you to pollen levels in our area.  TEven better is that you can set up alert push notifications when pollen counts are high, so you can prepare with allergy medicine or just stay indoors.  The feature is available now on Google’s mobile site or app and it's totally free. Set up the allergy push notifications by searching or “pollen levels” on the Google app, then tap the “turn on” notification button when a window pops up. 

SOURCE: The Verge

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