Help To Block Spam Calls On Android Phones

July 17, 2018


It seems like the battle to prevent robocalls is futile. Even after signing up on the national Do Not Call list, which you must re-sign every three years, unwanted calls from sales people and scammers continue.  If you have an Android phone, you can set your phone up so that whenever Google detects a call is potentially spam it can automatically kick that call to voicemail so your phone won’t even ring. The update was released last week, so you'll need to download the latest version.  Once you've done that, tap the hamburger menu (the three dots on top of each there in the top right corner),then Settings followed by Caller ID & Spam, then tap to “Turn Caller ID & Spam” on, and then “Filter suspected spam calls” to have them sent straight to voicemail. Yes, you still have to deal with unwanted calls but if you’re getting a ton of spam calls it can be worth it just to not have your phone ringing all day with calls you don’t want to answer.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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