New Gmail Phishing Scam Looks Very Convincing-How To Detect it

January 18, 2017

© Carlosbcna | Dreamstime

A new week and a new phishing scam aimed at collecting your personal information.  But this new Gmail scam is one of the best out there and is even fooling the best. The scam works like this.  Hackers break someone’s email account, generate screenshots of attachments they’ve already sent, then send them to other people on their contact list. Unsuspecting people see the email from a familiar source and an attachment that looks legitimate.  However when you click on the attachment it directs them to a highly convincing login page for Google asking for your login credentials. If you click, your account is compromised – and the hackers will use your account to attack friends. To protect your account, use good judgment. Contact the person who sent you the attachment in a separate to confirm they sent it.  Also check the address bar.  Although scammers are getting sneakier on making the address in the address bar look convincing, before entering your Gmail login information, look to see if you see a green lock next to the address bar, followed by You may want to consider two factor authentication or 2-step verification, which is available on every service that you use. CLICK HERE on how to use Google 2-Step Verification.

SOURCE: Wordfence

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