New Emojis To Be Released June 5

June 4, 2018

© Diana Opryshko | Dreamstime

Now some news bound to brighten up your day! The Unicode Consortium is set to release an emoji update, version 11.0, tomorrow that include a range of new hairstyles, including red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired and bald people. Others include a cold and hot face, male and female superheroes and villains, a well as a lab-coat, kangaroo and mango. In all 157 new additions that will join the 2,666 other emoji that exist, however true number of new emojis are just 66 but as many have more than one skin tone option that 66 number make it up to 157. Watch for party, woozy and pleading faces, activities such as softball, frisbee, sewing, chess and lacrosse and animals such as a new llama, raccoon, lobster, hippopotamus, parrot and kangaroo emoji. The new list also includes other items such as a pirate flag, red gift envelope and household items (sponge, broom and toilet roll.) No major vendor has yet released their updates, but based on past trends, it's expected that the new emojis will be available on Twitter, EmojiOne, Facebook and Microsoft from June to August. Google and Apple are expected to have the update at some point from September to December, and Samsung in January of next year.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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