New Earning For Feeding Your Pets Raw Meat

January 17, 2018

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We've talked about a growing trend among pet owners to serve their dog and cat raw, uncooked foods as they would eat in the wild.  Owners say the raw meat diet is healthier and gives their pet’s fresher breath, fewer allergies and a brighter, shinier coat. And while it makes sense pets would benefit from minimally processed protein there is a danger of death. A study looked into has found that raw meats often contains food poisoning bugs such as E coli, salmonella and listeria. Researchers say cats have already died after eating raw meat, while cases of gastroenteritis have been reported in greyhounds. The Dutch study, which analyzed 35 products containing mostly chicken, beef and lamb, found E coli in 28 of them, food poisoning bug listeria in 19 and salmonella in seven; all bugs that would've been killed off if cooked properly. What is also concerning are those bug that linger after the food is consumed can be transferred to people when they come in contact with owners. There is a lack of good evidence to substantiate any of the beneficial health claims made about raw pet food. The researchers advise people to check with a veterinary surgeon trained as a nutritionist before feeding raw meat to their animals both for their own as well as their pet’s health.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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