New App Lets You Take Selfies With Dead Relatives

March 3, 2017

Ever wanted to snap a selfie with a dead relative?  A South Korean company thinks you will and has launched the "with Me" app that creates a 3D avatar of a person which can be inserted into your selfie. You can even opt to have a conversation with your loved one from beyond the grave.  The app works with the living first.  The person must visit a scanning booth so that measurements of their face can be taken. Then, you can record your voice with statements, words of wisdom or even jokes (more about that in a moment) that are digitized into a life-size superimposed graphic that works like Pokémon Go, where your virtual self can be summoned for a selfie along with your recorded words.  Product developer, Eun Jin Lim, says the app was developed for those who aren't ready to let loved ones go after their death and may help people better cope. The app was debuted at the Mobile World Congress trade show this week and will soon be available for your smart phone.

SOURCE: Vocativ

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