New App Can Predict Body's Excess Gas

January 5, 2017

© Gabriel Blaj | Dreamstime

Having excess gas can be painful and even embarrassing in certain situations, especially when you are completely aware of what causes your body to produce excess gas.  Whether it is a burp or fart you'll never be caught off guard again! Enter the newest app for your phone, AIRE, a digestive tracker that monitors your FODMAP, which are the carbohydrates found in food that your body turns into gas.  Simply blow into the breathalyzer device and know instantly if you need to cut your dinner date short or get out of that afternoon meeting because of the gas build up.  However there is some prep work in setting up the AIRE.  First a testy on an empty stomach. Then, you mix a FODMAP sachet that comes with the device with water, drink it and monitor your results every 15 minutes for three hours. Afterward, the device can estimate which foods give you a gassy reaction, while the food-logger helps you track food.

The AIRE is $99 and can be preordered HERE.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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