New App Alerts You Of Loud Bars And Restaurants

May 1, 2018


There is nothing like having a wonderful meal with some great friends and family.  However it can quickly turn sour if the noise level in the restaurants raises to the point you can no longer hear each other in conversation and for those with hearing difficulties, it can be intolerable. In fact noise level has become the number one complaint of diners and that is the inspiration for a new app called SoundPrint, an app that's essentially a Yelp for noise levels. After downloading the app for Apple, it uses your phone's microphone to record the sound level.  Then it compares your measurements with others who also visit the same location to create a sound profile for the spot. An average decibel rating matched to a color-coded rating of green for low, yellow for moderate and red for high levels of noise will alert users of the app to know how soft or loud the noise level will be at bas and restaurants. The free app rolls out nationwide this month.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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