New Android App Alerts You To Spam Calls

July 27, 2016

As more people in the Heart of Florida cut their landline telephones, the telemarkers are also following.  Although you can register with the National Do Not Call list, it is largely ineffective in today's world and scammers are getting on board as well with potentially unexpected and expensive international calls.  So instead of questioning if an unknown number is a telemarketers, scammer or legitimate call, Google has released an update for its phone app that will automatically warn you when a suspected spammer is calling. The phone app will now alert users when incoming calls seem suspicious and check it with known spam numbers. Instead of the typical incoming blue call screen, the app will flash red when a suspected spammer is on the line. You can then ignore the call, pick up the call, block the phone number, report it as spam, or save it as legitimate on your device. For now the app only works on a couple Android models but hopefully the feature will roll out for all devices soon.

Source: Lifehacker

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