New Amazon Phishing Scam And How To Easily Detect It

December 7, 2016

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The holidays mean more shopping and it means there are more scams in the works to steal your money.  The latest, and probably the most difficult to catch, involves the widely popular Amazon shopping web site.  Beware of a very official-looking email that some Amazon Prime members and regular customers stating there was a problem processing your order and asking you to re-enter your credit card information.  The scam urges you to click the link to fix the problem.  The link itself and the page it takes you a very official-looking Amazon page, where you are asked to re-enter your credit card information, including expiration dates and the CCV security code.  After you enter the information, it takes you to Amazon's site but thieves have all the information they need. How can you spot a fake sites phishing for your banking information?  If the email provides an embedded link in the email, hover your mouse cursor over it and look at the web site address it is linking.  If it's an address is not related to Amazon or the retailer the email addresses, it's a scam.  Be suspicious of typos and spelling mistakes too.  The safest way to check if the email is real or fake is to open another web browser window and visit your account to see if the items in question are being delayed.  You may discover the items the scam email are processing normally or discover the items mentioned weren’t even ordered by you.  If you do discover a phishing scam, alert the retailer and attach the emails to their customer service or fraud department to help them place more safeguards in place.  Amazon offers a list of tips avoiding payment fraud [click here].

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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