Never Wash Your Denim Jeans Again!

April 4, 2018

© Maksim Shmeljov Dreamstime

Good news for those who are not fond of washing clothes.  When it comes to your denim jeans, you shouldn't wash them, EVER!  Thanks to a college student's experiment you can subtract your jeans from the wash.  He wore a pair of “raw denim" jeans" every day for 15 months.  Many unique characteristics of denim are created by not washing them.  But that always leads to the ick factor.  Considering the student wore them for meals, trips and lounging around the house. He had spills of food and drink to which he wiped clean.  He wore them from the depths of a Canadian winter to a summer in sunny California.  When the jeans developed it on "scent" he folded them and placed them in the freezer to rid it.  At the end of 15 months he measured the bacteria on the jeans and tossed them into the wash.  He then wore the freshly cleaned jeans for an additional 13 days and checked the bacteria again. What he found was the jeans didn't have much of a difference in bacteria counts between 15 months and 13 days. So if you're looking for ways to be a better person that require literally zero effort, just continue never washing your jeans.

SOURCE: Cracked

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