Never Hold In A Sneeze

January 18, 2018


If you are one to hold back or mute your sneeze you should stop.  Especially, don’t do it by plugging up your nose and mouth or you just might end up in the emergency room with a gaping hole in your throat. A case report in the peer-reviewed medical journal, BMJ, reported on a healthy 34-year old man who felt a popping, painful sensation in his throat immediately following a sneeze he had tried to stop by sealing off his mouth and nose. By the time the man made it to the ER, he had lost his voice and was barely able to swallow. When doctors first examined him, they also heard crackling sounds that ran from his neck all the way down to the ribcage. Imaging test discovered the man punctured his pharynx, the section of the throat behind the mouth and nose found before the esophagus and larynx. Fortunately the man recovered after seven days and although his injury was very rare, you should always let out a sneeze. Held-in sneezing can not only led to torn throats and chests, but burst eardrums and ruptured blood vessels in the brain, commonly known as an aneurysm, which could be fatal.

SOURCE: Gizmodio

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