Never A Good Reason To Jog Nude in Public

February 2, 2017


Running is good exercise but it's a good idea to make sure if you are running around the neighborhood to wear proper clothing.  Early Tuesday morning, a Redmond, Washington police officer was patrolling the Microsoft corporate building when she saw a moon; and by moon we don't mean the one in the sky!  A quick flash of her spotlight illuminated the gleaming white buttocks of a man jogging.  The officer and her partner stopped the jogger who was wearing nothing but a pair of black Sketcher shoes.  After being placed inside the police car, the jogger had a perfectly logical explanation.  According to the police report, "he was trying to build up his immune system to fight the cold weather." Although the method could be understood, the officers reminded the runner that nude jogging could be considered indecent exposure.  After taking the jogger to retrieve his clothes, he was released with no charges as they were no victims, other than the police officers.  But it's all in a day for law enforcement!

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