Netflix Personal Trainer Aims To Interrupt Your Binge Watching

March 6, 2017

Before Netflix, we had to wait to watch hours and hours of TV episodes back-to-back, which meant we had time to do other things like exercise.  Now after binging on the couch, the very network that imprisoned us in a sedentary lifestyle now wants you get off the couch with Netflix Personal Trainor.  It's simple, the personal trainer connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to monitor your activity level during your workout. If you start slowing down, your selected Netflix character will deliver motivational words to keep you going. And if that isn't enough motivation, the personal trainer will interrupt your binge watching until your workout is complete. The personal trainer is part of Netflix's Make It initiative and was born out of the company's annual Hack Day, which every year ends up birthing some random Netflix-related project. Unless you are a wiz with your hands, you may want to get some help as a lot of assembly is required.  However the list of items needed is at the Netflix web site.

SOURCE: Mashable

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