Netflix Looking For Subtitle Translators

April 3, 2017


The English language is full of slang and idioms that generally do not translate into other languages.  While we can generally explain them to those who's second language is English, it become difficult when reading the subtitles on a movie. Netflix knows this first-hand since the company supports about 20 different subtitle languages on shows and movies it streams and has relied on three different companies for translations. However they aren't getting the idioms correctly. So they are asking viewers who can properly translate those sayings into their first language and will pay them for it!  Netflix has launched its' Hermes program, where Netflix viewers can sign up, take a test and become a subtitle translator!  After taking the online test an "H" rating will be issued. Although the company doesn't say how much they're willing to pay on their main page web site translators, other programs generally pay $2 to $10 per minute.

CLICK HERE for Netflix Hermes registration

SOURCE: Engadget

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