Netflix Could Be Waiting For You During Your Next Hotel Stay

January 12, 2017

© Erwin Purnomo Sidi | Dreamstime

The next time you check into a hotel, you may be able to relax watching your saved Netflix list.  A growing trend among innkeepers is to add Netflix and other Internet streamed video services to their guests.  The trend may be gaining momentum after a report shows customers are preferring to watch their Netflix over video on demand services.  According to data from Enseo, a company that provides in room entertainment solutions for some of the world's biggest hotel brands like Marriott, around 1% of occupied hotel rooms ordered  movie from video on demand. Although it is small, it makes money simply because of that 1%, 90% was adult themed.  Compared to those hotels that offered Netflix, which saw an over 40% increase of their internet traffic.  And the usage is for much longer periods of time with the average stream lasting 90 minutes. Historically hotels have generated a lot of money from adult movies but they have seen a decline as customers purchasing adult entertainment dispute charges later at checkout leading to numerous return payments. Now that data shows the popularity of Internet streaming services at hotels, and now as a potential revenue stream that is used by more than 1% of guests, it is more likely you will see these offered soon, for a fee of course. 

SOURCE: Fox News

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