Netflix And Cheat

December 8, 2017

© Diego Vito Cervo | Dreamstime

Wanting to secretly watch the next episode on a show you and your significant other are watching together?  You are not alone in what is being dubbed as, Netflix & Cheat.  A recent survey found over 75% of people watch the next episode of a TV show without telling their partners, while 20% admit to watching a whole series behind their significant other's back! While the majority of us are doing it, more than a quarter said that they consider Netflix infidelity worse than sending flirty text messages to another person! The survey found 35% of men confessing to watching a TV show behind their partner's back compared to 27% of women and the number one reason for the treachery, or at least for the 25%of the people who admitted to watching a program behind their partners back, was the idea of teasing their partner about what happens next. The top Netflix & Cheat series are Prison Break, Stranger Things, the Walking Dead and on top, Game of Thrones.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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