Nearly Half Of Non-Smokers Say They Should Get Additional Time Off

March 2, 2018

© Alexey Vecherniy | Dreamstime

Lighting up a feudal fire on an old argument is a new survey that found 42% of non-smokers feel they should receive three to five additional vacation days a year than their smoking co-workers.  The survey by e-cigarette maker Halo surveyed 1,005 American adults also found that 28% of smokers agreed those who don't take cigarette breaks should get additional paid time off. 25% of non-smokers said 1-2 days is a fair amount. However, 14% said 6 or more days was fair. But the majority of smokers disagree with that logic with 38% of smokers saying non-smokers shouldn't get more time off with 20% of non-smokers backing them up.  The survey found that the average smoker uses around 6 days of paid time outside during a smoke break.  While 81% of smokers said smoke breaks were fair, a Japanese company added six extra vacation days for its non-smoking employees after a worker complained about smoking breaks hurting productivity.


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