Nearly 4 in 5 Parents Are Overdosing Their Child's Liquid Medication

September 15, 2016


A scary statistic says that more than four in five parents give children the wrong dose of liquid medicines.  A New York University study found that of 2,100 participants, 84% made at least one measuring mistake while 21% made at least one substantial dosing error. Most of the errors center on the dosing cups and too much medicine.  The study found parents sometimes are not placing the cups on a flat surface and viewing it at an angle that leads to more medication being dispensed than needed. The best dosing tool is an oral syringes, which significantly cut down the chances of mis-measuring a dose of medication. The researchers on this study are using the results to get manufacturers to include oral syringes instead of a dosing cup.  And although a teaspoon or tablespoon dosage may be used, you should never use an actual tea or tablespoon to dose medication as sizes and shapes of spoons vary.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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