Name-Dropping Makes You Unpopular

March 9, 2017

© Kutt Niinepuu Dreamstime

Networking is a useful tool that can help you succeed in business, unless you are a name-dropper. A psychologist says name-dropping in a conversation will instantly leave a bad impression with those you are trying to impress and even worse, it will make you seem narcissistic by trying to associate yourself with high status people.  Narcissist name drop because they believe they're unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people.  Or it could be due to a lack of confidence in yourself.  Either way name-dropping won't do anything to build your creditability. So keep the names to yourself and instead of focusing other people, talk about own work, projects and accomplishments explaining what you've contributed. If you feel nervous or self-conscious you can switch attention away from yourself and ask another person questions about themselves.  Usually you can find some common ground conversations and that in itself should boost your self-confidence.

SOURCE: Quartz

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