Nail Salons May Be Putting You At Risk Of Developing Cancer

March 28, 2018

© Igor Stepovik | Dreamstime

Sad news for your mani/pedi appointments.  The UV light used to set your nail gel or shellac polish may be a gateway to skin cancer.  Although UV setting machines are in nearly every nail salon, the machines have no standardization of the strength of the UV rays they produce. Medical professionals say any exposure to UV rays without protection is putting yourself at risk for cancer.  But don't cancel that appointment yet. The occasional mani/pedi, where nails and fingers typically are exposed to the light for around 5 minutes puts you at a low risk.  But if you go to the salon more often and use the UV polish curer most times, you are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer.  Health care experts suggest you keep your fingers (and all parts of your body) out of UV light as much as possible and perhaps skipping the cure process every other trip may lower your chances of developing cancer.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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