MYTH BUSTED: Synchronized Cycles

April 13, 2017

© Petesaloutos | Dreamstime

We can put place another widely-held myth into the debunked category.  For much of our lives we've believed that a close-kit group of women will have their cycles sync up. Come to find out, that is not scientifically true.  In fact, there has been no studies or mathematical analyses in determining if it is true or false. However the website, Clue, did inquire its followers about their cycles and out of 1,500 women who worked close or lived together and tracked 360 pairs of women who were on the same cycle.  After three month they found that not only is the syncing theory untrue, but a significant number of these pairs’ cycles actually began to diverge over time, instead of syncing up.  In other words, the timing may line up every once in a while but syncing your body to another one is not factual.


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