MoviePass Offers $10 Pass To Watch A Movie A Day, Every Day!

August 16, 2017

© Nyul | Dreamstime

Movie lovers rejoice, you can watch a movie a day for just $10 a month!  MoviePass has been around for a few years offering movie theater fans to watch multiple movies a month for a flat fee ranging from $15 to $50 a month, based on your desired usage.  However MoviePass just got more enticing with a new pricing plan of $10 a month.  At that price, you can watch one movie a day, every day!  But that low fee does come with a price, your privacy. MoviePass was just acquired by an analytical firm that most likely will be tracking your movie viewing habits, reviews and times you go to the theater. With MoviePass losing money, the new owners hope selling your movie viewing habit info to third parties will save the product from becoming extinct.  Movie Pass is accepted at 91% of movie theaters, including Regal in Gainesville and Ocala.

SOURCE: Variety

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