Move Over Terrible Twos, Threeagers Are Worse!

January 27, 2017

© Paulus Rusyanto | Dreamstime

Most parents have heard the dreaded term "terrible twos" but new research says three-year-olds may actually throw more tantrums than two-year-olds do. A new study has coined a new phrase," threeangers" and as the name suggests, your three year old is acting like a teenager! Apparently when kids hit three, their language develops in leaps and bounds. No longer are they just saying 'no'; now they're negotiating like tiny lawyers. Adding insult to injury, the new data reveals excessive screen time on phones, tablets TV's and computers damages children's ability to regulate their own emotions and moods. The advice for parents of three year olds and teenagers is to not take it personally.  While hormones give teenagers attitude at times, three year olds are full of confidence.  Gradually let your child have control over things that are safe and don't matter as much. Arguing with them will not help, so avoid it if possible.  Make sure they are getting enough sleep and limit their time on phones, tablets, TV and computers.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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