Mountainous Italian Town Looking To Pay People To Move To It

May 10, 2017

© Wam1975 | Dreamstime

It sounds almost too good to be true but an Italian village is looking to pay people to move and live in a picturesque mountain community.  The town of Bormida has a current population of 394 and the Mayor is looking to add some new blood by offering newcomers cash.  The offer of almost $2,200 may go a long way in the village as the Mayor says rent is cheap; from €50 to €120 a month. The town has four restaurants, a library, a pharmacy, a post office, a corner shop, and a B&B. A physician visits three times a week. Other than that, it's pretty quiet and stress free with lots of nature.  The town's population has been in a decline for about a decade as young people leave for the bigger cities, a problem many small towns in Italy have battled. However before you make the move to Italy and the free cash, you need to get approved by the local board before the cash payment is made. The Mayor says the program will be up and running in July. You can bookmark this web site [CLICK HERE> to see when the program begins.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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