Mother Sues Son For Not Paying Her Back For Finding Son's College Education

January 4, 2018

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While it is an assumption that parents pay for their children’s educations and hope that in their old age the children will support them, it hardly is written down as a contract.  Now a Taiwanese mother is suing her son for breach of a contract. Back in 1997, the mother and her 20-year old son agreed that in return for mom funding her son's education at dental school, he'd pay her 60% of his income upon becoming a dentist up to $1.7 million. The son graduated and began his dental practice in 2003 and according to his records has paid his mother more than $1 million back.  He now says it's enough and has stopped payment.  The case went to court and the judge ruled in favor of the mother, saying the son signed the agreement as a legal adult, he was responsible for satisfying its terms. Not only was he ordered to pay the remaining balance, he was charged an “upbringing fee” of more than $754,000, with additional interest bringing the total award for his mother to more than $967,000. In Taiwanese and Chinese culture, children are legally obligated to care for their aging parents, though the issue rarely reaches the courts.

SOURCE: New York Times

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