Mother & Son Get Stuck In Ball Pit

February 15, 2018

© Weerapat Kiatdumrong | Dreamstime

Ball pits are a popular place for kids to have some fun as hundreds of small plastic balls swallow you whole.  Apparently this particular ball pit in a newly opened mall in Singapore swallows up people a little too well. This ball pit was made of a net suspended above ground and is filled with plastic balls. A mother was having trouble getting her son to come out of the ball pit.  So as mothers usually have to do, she started to make her way to her son to pull him out.  However her son wasn't avoiding her, he was trapped.  The flexibility of the ropes floor made it a challenge to move around and within a few steps, she realized why her son wasn't coming to her.  He was stuck and how so was she near the center of the pit.  She began to wave her hands wildly and yelling that she couldn't get out!  Finally she was able to grab someone’s hand and managed to stabilize herself enough to stand up and grab her son as well as two other boys and girl who were also trapped. The mall issued an apology and said they would be reviewing the number of balls included in the pit and ensure that their first-aid trained staff will be swifter in their response to any requests for assistance.

SOURCE: The Epoch Times

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