Most Of Your Personal Information Is Easily Available Online And It's Perfectly Legal

January 17, 2017

© Jakub Jirsák | Dreamstime

In a world where we're told over and over to protect our identity online, it is frustrating to find out our names, address and age are all online for anyone to view and it's all perfectly legal.  Many geology web sites gather census, birth, death, military marriage and death records. However seems to hit a nerve by providing living record data on nearly every American.  After entering your name the web site quickly displays your name, age, relative names, children names and addresses; all data that can be used against you by criminals, from stalking to identity theft.  What makes it worse is it is all perfectly legal as the data posted is from public records.  The fact that many web sites now pool all this information from various government is almost like handing your front door key to crime. Of course opting out is an option, for the Family Tree Now web site, visit their privacy policy and follow the directions to opt out, it is one of dozens of sites that do the exact same thing.  Currently there are no laws being introduced by any lawmaker to address this issue.

SOURCE: Consumerist

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