Most Would Give Up Money For A Healthier Work Environment

June 27, 2018

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Could you tolerate a toxic work environment for a larger paycheck or a more prestigious title?  Not many people would.  According to a Linkedin study, 70% of professionals refused to work at leading companies if it meant enduring a bad work culture. When asked what they value most in an employer, having a bad workplace culture topped the list of factors workers wouldn’t tolerate, beating out earning less pay (65%) and having a fancy job title (26%). Rather employees valued feeling comfortable at the office: 51% were proudest to clock in for employers that promote work-life balance and flexibility, while 47% of those who were proud of their company chalked it up to a culture where they can be themselves. Among those who weren’t proud of their company, the biggest con (60%) was a lack of strong and inspiring leadership. The No. 1 factor that nearly half of respondents (47%) in the LinkedIn study said would most likely motivate them to keep a job for five or more years is having co-workers whom they enjoy working with and can be themselves around. Having an employer that gives back was also important for workers, with 46% saying they valued working for a company that has a positive impact on society.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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