The Most Successful People Are Also The Most Lucky

March 5, 2018

Rich people. Successful people.  Many feel hard work, smarts, talent, beauty and some luck are needed to be on top.  But come to find out that luck is all you need. The world's most successful people are simply the luckiest says a new study based on a simulation of a thousand 40-year careers.  While being smart and talented improves your odds of success, luck is the most underestimated influence of being successful. In the study, scientists created a computer model of 1,000 virtual people and gave some workers more talent than others, some had more intelligence than others, some more money than others and some had a mixture of all three.  During the simulation, some of the workers experienced 'lucky opportunities to boost their career that they could exploit using their talent or intelligence or unlucky events that took wealth away.  At the end, the simulation showed that while successful people tended to have the same level of either talent, wealth or intelligence, those who rose to the top were almost always the luckiest. Exceptional performance often occurs in exceptional circumstances and for the most part, it's exceptional luck that plays the biggest benefit either positively or negatively. The study suggest that when it comes to awarding grants and enterprises, funding should be evenly distributed rather than giving more to groups with positive track records. It is the best strategy to take advantage of the part that luck plays in successful ideas, the team suggests.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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