Most Recommendations Offered On TV Doctors Shows Are Unproven

February 27, 2018

© Gennady Kurinov Dreamstime

Some disappointing news from some of our favorite health advice TV shows.  The advice given on The Doctors and Dr. Oz is probably not worth heeding.  That's the results of a group of medical group of medical students, led by Dr. Ranit Mishori of Georgetown University, who checked out all of the recommendations on both shows over the course of one month. They found that 80% of the Doctors’ recommendations, and 78% of those on the Dr. Oz show, had no backing from “evidence-based medical guidelines, society recommendations, or authority statements.” The team also looked for studies supporting each recommendation, and found that a third of the recommendations had no support at all in the literature. More troubling is both shows didn’t usually discuss the cost of the treatments or products they discussed, and rarely mentioned any risks or harmful side effects, which isn't a selling point when on national TV. So the advice these doctors offer is for you to discuss any treatment seen on these shows with your doctor before beginning on your own.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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