The Most Popular Internet TV Shows

October 12, 2017

Two generations ago, the "Big Three" television networks were ABC, NBC and CBS.  Today those big three are Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, with more people choosing to subscribe to these internet streaming companies than cable or satellite.  Last year alone, over 16.7 million people ditched traditional TV viewing methods and with all those binge-watching sessions there are some show favorites, which in itself is changing as the Internet platforms develop their own original programming.  Although Amazon, Netflix and Hulu won't release specific numbers, Parrot Analytics developed a "demand expressions" measurement based on number of streamers, viewers, engagement, social media and more.  They’ve calculated the most popular Internet-streamed shows for September (2017) which were The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu, The Man in the High Castle on Amazon and Narcos on Netflix.  However the king of Internet streaming is still YouTube with 86 million users in the U.S. compared to the 50.8 million Netflix subscribers and 47 million for Hulu.

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