Most Painful Places On Your Body For A Tattoo

July 26, 2018

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61% Americans have at least one tattoo and for the 19% considering getting one, the biggest reason for the hesitation is the fear of pain. Tattoo artists chime in as to the areas that are more sensitive than others. The face, hand and elbows and among with worst spots as well as along the ribs, the inner wrist, top of your feet and stomach. These are areas of the body that have many different nerves, such as sensory and motor nerves (hands, wrists and feet). You skin also has extra nerves around major organs, such as your stomach and ribcage as a first line of defense. But probably the most painful place on your body is your fingertips and forehead. Plus a tattoo on your forehead may become a liability later in life, so just don't do it!

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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