Most, But Not All, Dogs Eat Poop

February 23, 2018

© Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

Dogs have worked hard to be beloved as man's best friend.  But even your BFF does some strange things from time to time.  While dogs will avoid areas where they and other dogs poop, they connoisseurs of the "leavings" of other animals, especially cats. While disgusting for dog owners a new report examined why dogs eat poop and not just any poop, freshly created leavings. One theory has to do with evolution.  Feces harbor diseases and can attract parasites. Removing feces early by eating it might represent a way of cleaning it up to prevent infectious parasites developing in the days after it’s deposited.  But that doesn't settle dog owners thoughts on the practice.  Evidence suggests that punishing your dog for eating poo, have no effect on reducing the behavior. So why do certain dogs eat poo if they can and other don't? It might simply be that some dogs like it and have learned, either by accident or with intent, to consume feces. Perhaps dogs do it if their owners or other dogs they come into contact with show a particular interest in feces. Oddly, certain breeds are more likely to eat poop than others.  In a dog owner survey, dogs that were described as "greedy" by their owners and those in households with two or more dogs were more likely to do it.   Terriers and hounds are more likely to eat poop while poodles apparently shun the practice.  It appears the only way to stop dogs from doing this is to pick up freshly created poops. You may want to try training your dog to resist the temptation to eat poo by rewarding them with an alternative tasty snack.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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