Most Disliked Thanksgiving Food Items

November 20, 2017

© Eugene Bochkarev | Dreamstime

The menus are set and the preparation has begun for Thanksgiving 2017!  As we savor over our traditional favorites, CheatSheet came up with a few Thanksgiving dishes that are so wildly unpopular, no one is sure how they ever made it to so many holiday tables. Jell-O Salad came in near the top of the list as the general consensus among Thanksgiving dinners is that their dinner shouldn’t wiggle. Brussels sprouts once earned their title as America’s most hated vegetable, but that’s mainly because people used to boil them. These days, they’re often expertly roasted, and they’re delicious. If you serve them on Thanksgiving, just don’t boil them, or anything else for that matter. Ambrosia salad consists of canned fruits, maraschino cherries, and whipped cream that much like its Jell-O counterpart, should be remembered in its glory days of Thanksgivings past. Probably the most debatable disliked Thanksgiving food item is the turkey itself.  Although it would be hard to consider Thanksgiving with the turkey, a recent poll found the least favorite Thanksgiving dish is the turkey itself, with more people choosing to fill up on the side dishes rather than the bird.

SOURCE: CheatSheet

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