Most Disagreements Between Kids and Parents End In A Draw

July 30, 2018

© Mihail Degteariov | Dreamstime

Raising kids is no simple task-- it's a constant battle to raise them into good people. Recently a poll of parents of kids ages two to 12 reveals they have 2,184 arguments with their children each year. That's an average of six per day, with more than half are about food and drink. Kids not eating everything on their plate is the most common cause for arguments, followed by untidy bedrooms, demands for unhealthy snacks, complaining of being full despite barely touching the food in front of them and sibling fighting round out the top 5 fight topics. Parents biggest issues with their kids are kids eating chocolates and candies before meantime, delaying bedtime, getting kids to do their homework, gadget use and not brushing their teeth. The average family argument will last just over eight minutes with parents only "winning" just over 50% of those arguments, with 60% admitting they often end up compromising and negotiating to keep the peace.

SOURCE: Mirror

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