Most Annoying Part Of Your Job is...?

November 2, 2016

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When it comes to work, what would you consider the most annoying part of your job?  Replacing paper in the copy machine?  Wasteful meetings?  The refrigerator thief who steals your leftovers?  According to a Cornell University study, listening to the sound of co-workers’ conversations is the biggest frustration at work. Another study from Australia confirms office babble beats out people sneaking a peek at you while working, the office temperature and space issues. The best way to battle unwanted office noise is with noise.  Although it sounds counterintuitive, but adding noise often helps make workplaces seem quieter. Two types of noise cancelling plans are labeled pink noise and white noise. Pink noise is sounds that are pleasant to you, such as the radio or calming spa music.  The other is white noise, such as a fan or hum of a computer.  Both have a proven track record of cutting distractions down while you work. Adding lots of plants and upholstered furniture to a work environment helps absorb noise. Although using earbuds can work too they aren’t without drawbacks, such as your co-worker talking louder at you when you have cranked up your music.  Although it may be seem elementary but the easiest and cheapest way is to ask your co-workers to keep their conversation volumes to a minimum.


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