Mosquitoes Remember Your Scent & If You've Swatted At Them

May 24, 2018

The warmer weather and wet conditions mean that our friends, the mosquitoes will soon be out looking to ruin our outdoor activities.  Although we've though that certain people are more of a mosquito magnet than others, come to find out that feeling is true! Apparently mosquitoes take the relationship between us personally as researchers say they not only remember human smells but recall when you swat them away! Misquotes have the ability to rapidly learn and remember the smells of hosts as studies on why some people are bitten more than others found that your scent may be preferred by the blood-sucking pests and if you attempt to swat at them in hopes of ending their existence, they recall that and associate your scent with danger and avoid you in the future! The research on these tiny insects could have big implications for public health, including the viruses that various mosquito species can be vectors for including Zika, yellow fever, and West Nile.


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