More Young Adults Are Buying Cars To Uber

March 2, 2017

© Harishmarnad | Dreamstime

Car makers have been struggling to get millennials to buy cars as many don't even hold a driver license.  But it appears the tide is turning as younger adults are increasingly making the plunge and buying a car.  However their reason are not for freedom but to make money.  A recent report from market research company Mintel that says 15% of millennial car buyers are planning to use them for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, compared to just 9% of the total population sharing their attitudes.  The improving economy has signaled many who have delayed making big purchases like cars are now feeling confident buying.  But it also highlights a darker reason for so many young adults signing up for ride sharing, as many as 40% of millennials have resorted to seeking second job for financial security.

SOURCE: Washington Post

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