The More Revealing Your Outfit, The Less Effective It Is In Attraction

May 4, 2017

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Wearing skimpy and revealing clothing to attract someone of the opposite gender actually backfires, according to a new study.  It suggests that women generate as much excitement in men when fully clothed as they do naked. The same is true for men who show off their muscles to attract a woman. A university study followed the eye movement of participants and checked their pupil dilation, which is an involuntary response when you get amped up or excited, and found that attraction is stronger to those wearing more clothing than less or even no clothing at all.  This changes previous studies that found the rules of attraction grew stronger as clothing became less.  The researchers suggest that decades of scantily-clad models and actors in media have de-sensitize nudity as it is more common than ever in modern history.  However showing some skin can increase your chances of striking up a conversation. The researchers found that women who revealed around 40% skin were approached twice as often by men than those who bared more or less.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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