More Men Are Heading To The Spa For Their Bachelor Parties

February 6, 2018

© Tomasz Papuga | Dreamstime

The one constant is that change is inevitable and that includes the time honored tradition of the bachelor party.  It appears more men are opting out of the bars and clubs and instead taking the shindig to the spa for massages, facials, or even the occasional pedicure. According to the International Spa Association, 47% of spa clientele are men, compared to 31% just a decade ago. Why the shift?  Experts theorize that men traditionally sought out massage therapy to relieve pain and once they discovered what an incredible feeling it is to be pampered, they kept coming back.  Although spa parties have typically been thought of as a female activity, men are slowly turning to spa treatments as a way to bond and unwind after a rough week. So men are increasingly booking group spa parties for bachelor parties or even just to catch up.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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